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Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO Ultimate

If you have been blogging and using WordPress for even a few weeks, you would have heard of the All In One SEO plugin used to optimize blog posts. It is a great plugin, and is very widely used. However, it is also quite old. Shouldn’t you be looking for fresh alternatives if you have […]

Press Release – A great way to generate backlinks to your blog

In “Backlinks – The fastest way to good SEO“, we saw how important backlinks are for SEO. We also know that backlinks can be generated by: and Blogspot blogs Commenting on other blogs in your niche Let’s see another great source of getting backlinks for your blog – press releases.   What is a […]

Generate links to your blog through WordPress and Blogspot

Links pointing to your blog or website are extremely important for SEO. (Check out “Backlinks – The fastest way to good SEO” for more) They help you get indexed faster by Google and other search engines by providing a pathway to your blog They make you an authority site in the eyes of search engines […]

Leave comments: Get multiple backlinks, get traffic, build your brand

Backlinks from any and every blog or website would not help you in your SEO efforts. You need to get backlinks from quality sites in order to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). What can be better than getting links from other good quality blogs? Links from other quality blogs in your niche […]

How to reduce bounce rate on your blog and improve SEO

What is bounce rate? When a visitor comes to your blog or website, either on the homepage or on some post, and leaves without seeing any other webpage, it is called a “bounce“. In other words, a “bounce” is a visitor that leaves after seeing only one webpage on your blog or website. And the […]

Keyword density – What is right, what is wrong

  You have selected your keywords, and you know that it is best to write one post per keyword for better SEO. And now you want to finally start writing your posts!   What is keyword density? The question that you face is – how to incorporate the keyword? This is where keyword density comes […]

7 Ways to Implement Internal Linking of Your Posts for Better SEO

Links are very important from SEO point of view – this includes both external links and internal links. Of the two, internal links are far easier to implement, as you have total control over them. The question is: How should you implement your internal linking strategy for getting best SEO results? Here are some ways. […]

One keyword per post – Keep your blog posts focused

Chosen the keywords – What next? Ok, so you have chosen the keywords that are relevant for your blog. How do you proceed with writing your content? You have three options: Write a big, long post or page that contains information about everything you want to talk about, and have all the keywords in it […]