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One keyword per post – Keep your blog posts focused

One Keyword Per Post for Good Search Engine Optimization SEO

One Keyword Per Post for Good Search Engine Optimization SEO

Chosen the keywords – What next?

Ok, so you have chosen the keywords that are relevant for your blog. How do you proceed with writing your content?

You have three options:

  1. Write a big, long post or page that contains information about everything you want to talk about, and have all the keywords in it
  2. Write multiple, medium-sized posts and include 3-4 keywords in each
  3. Write a separate post for each keyword


Which option is the best?

The search engine spiders evaluate a webpage, and see the relative density of words to find the keywords relevant to that page or post.

What happens when you choose option 1 or 2? Your posts have many keywords – which means that no particular word would stand out for that post.

That is, the words that you wanted to highlight as your keywords to the search engines get obscured among all the other words on that webpage.

That is not something that we want for good SEO!


To each his own – One post, one keyword

This leaves us with option 2 – Writing a separate post for each keyword – as the best option.

(Please note that when I say “one keyword”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one word. It can be a group of words that you have chosen as your keyword. In fact, it is better to select a group of words as your keyword)

When you target each post at only one keyword, you are better able to highlight that keyword in the post. Your posts are focused, and therefore, the search engines can immediately link the post with your keyword. And this results in better position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


The user benefits too

And remember, this is not good just from the SEO point of view – when your posts focus on one keyword each, it also means that the content is much more relevant for that keyword.

So, the readers coming to that page get crisp, targeted content. Which, in turn, results in even higher search engine ranking! (Remember, search engines love good content).

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