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Market Samurai Review – Discount Code – Free Keyword Tool

Market Samurai Review - Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

Market Samurai Review - Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

Irrespective of the topic you write about, and irrespective of whether you are blogging for money or not, you want to attract more visitors to your site. And that’s where keyword research comes into play.

Keyword research and analysis is very vital for all stages of your blog:


Market Samurai Review – An awesome keyword research tool

Market Samurai helps you do all the above, and a lot more. So here is a comprehensive Market Samurai review.

Below, I discuss its features. I also tell you how you can get the full version at a 35% discount without any coupon code or discount code (scroll to the bottom of the post for details)

If you want to dive right in and experiment with it while reading this post, get a FREE, fully-functional trial version here (you would be able to use the keyword research module for FREE forever even if you don’t purchase Market Samurai)

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Market Samurai Review – Benefits to you

But let’s first sum up the benefits it provides you:

  • Discover the keywords that can send hundreds, even thousands of free visitors to your site each day
  • Target the keywords in your market that real buyers are using right now
  • Beat the competition and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days – not months or years

Now that we know how you benefit from it, let’s have a look at its features in this Market Samurai review.


Market Samurai Review – Features

Of course, Market Samurai helps you with keyword research. But that’s not all it does – it has many modules, and each is useful for your blogging related efforts. Let’s dive in!


Keyword Research Tool

Market Samurai Keyword Research Module

Market Samurai Keyword Research Module (Click to enlarge)

This is the heart of Market Samurai. This module helps you choose keywords that follow 4 rules:

  1. Keyword should be relevant to your blog and your market
  2. Keyword should have significant traffic
  3. Keyword should have good profit potential and commercial value
  4. Keyword should have low competition

“Is there a keyword that meets ALL the above criteria?” you would ask!

When you use Market Samurai, you would be amazed to see that there actually are keywords that follow all the 4 rules and can result into excellent traffic and profits for your blog! Finding such keywords manually would take ages, if at all. It is simply not worth the effort when Market Samurai’s keyword research tool can do it for you in minutes!

Remember, just this module is worth a lot more than the price of the complete tool!


SEO Competition

Market Samurai SEO Competition Module

Market Samurai SEO Competition Module (Click to enlarge)

You need to choose a keyword that has reasonable levels of competition – only then, you can aim and achieve top rankings in the search engines. If there is too much competition, it would take enormous effort (and money too) to reach the first page listing of a search engine like Google.

The SEO Competition module helps you analyze competition for the keywords you are considering. Using this module, you can analyze your keywords in 3 steps:

  1. Analyze 13 of the most important and most significant on-page and off-page SEO factors for your competition. This helps you quickly see if the competition is obviously too strong or not. If it is not, you go to step 2.
  2. In less than a minute, analyze the top 1000 backlinks for a competitor and determine the site’s backlink “Page Rank Spread”. This helps you find out the quality of their backlinks, and you can decide if you would be able to better this or not. If you think you can, you go to step 3.
  3. In a few minutes minutes, analyze the “Anchor Text” of the top 1000 backlinks, and their associated page rank. This tells you the relevance of these banklinks.

At the end of this process, you will know exactly what you need to outrank your competition:

  • Exactly how many backlinks you need
  • What Page Rank they need to be
  • How many backlinks need to be relevant

Awesome, isn’t it?


Rank Tracker

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Module

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Module (Click to enlarge)

The Rank Tracker module helps you to monitor your search engine rankings. Using this data, you can find out what you need to do to rank better.

It shows results from the 3 largest search engines – Google, Yahoo ad Bing, for as many keywords as you like. The tools shows multiple listings from your blog, and not just the first listing from your domain. And it searches upto the 1000th result – the deepest rank tracking analysis available today.

The tools also shows the page rank of the pages from your blog, and shows the backlink counts for them.

With this data, you can see exactly when your site rises in the rankings, work out what caused it to rise, and keep improving your site in those areas.



Market Samurai Domains Module

Market Samurai Domains Module (Click to Enlarge)

You can analyze 100’s of domains to find the keyword-targeted domains in your niche that will help you to rank faster and more easily. And the best part is, you can activate this module right from the keyword research module after you have shortlisted your keywords!





Market Samurai Monetization Module

Market Samurai Monetization Module (Click to Enlarge)

The Monetization module helps you to turn valuable website visitors into revenue with the click of a button. You can tap into 4 major affiliate networks from inside Market Samurai – ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction and PayDotCom. You can search for the most profitable affiliate products to promote in your niche, use smart filtering tools to narrow your search and focus only on the best products, and compare all the products on one screen.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly create affiliate promotions, ads & sales letters and publish them directly to your blog – even if you don’t know anything about sales copy writing.


Find Content

Market Samurai Find Content Module

Market Samurai Find Content Module (Click to Enlarge)

Using this module, you can find high quality content that you can reuse and achieve front-page rankings without having to waste time, effort and money writing content yourself.

I don’t advise using this tool as your sole source for content – your blog should definitely have unique content created by you (or written for you by someone else,  like guest posts). You can mix it with the content found using this module.


Publish Content

The Publish Content module streamlines the blog post writing process, bringing together all the tasks invloved in a single interface. The module helps you in researching, writing, styling, tagging, publishing and promoting your content – all without needing to leave the editor.



Market Samurai Promotion Module

Market Samurai Promotion Module (Click to Enlarge)

The Promotion module gives you 14 sources for finding great quality backlinks. It also equips you with the powerful “PingBack” strategy to quickly and easily achieve thousands of quality links from quality, high-ranked, authority blogs in your niche.




Market Samurai Review – Additional Resources


Market Samurai – Official Support Page

Market Samurai University (Market Samurai Dojo)


Market Samurai Review – Pricing

Aren’t you excited to lay your hand on Market Samurai after reading what you can do with it? I bet! Ok, so here’s the pricing part.

The full featured copy of Market Samurai, with a never-expiring license and unlimited lifetime updates costs you $149. This is a one time payment, and there is no monthly subscription. (Want to get Market Samurai at just $97? See the details below)

When you purchase Market Samurai, you get the following:

  • All the above mentioned modules, plus any modules released in the future
  • Life time free upgrades (the team is constantly working on Market Samurai and coming up with more features)
  • Opportunity to become an affiliate and earning from any sales referred by you

If you want to give it a test drive before you purchase, you can get a FREE, fully-functional trial version here (Tip: Getting the trial version is good for your wallet as well. Read details below!)


Market Samurai – How to get a 35% discount ($52 savings)

Even at $149, Market Samurai is a steal and pays for itself in no time. But why pay $149 when you can get it for just $97?

Getting a discount of 35% (or $52) on Market Samurai is really easy – and there is no “discount code” needed!

How? Just download the FREE, fully-functional trial version of Market Samurai, and purchase it within 7 days – that’s it! You would automatically get it for just $97. Remember, there is no other way to get a discount on Market Samurai.

You have nothing to lost when you sign up for the free trial – if you like it, you can buy it for just $97 within 7 days. If you don’t think its going to help you (which is quite unlikely), you do nothing. Even then, you would be able to use the keyword research tool for FREE forever! So don’t just read this Market Samurai review – download the FREE, fully-functional trial version of Market Samurai NOW!

Try Market Samurai For Free!

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