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Guest Posting – Approaching Owners of Established Blogs and Choosing the Guest Post Topic


Guest Posting - Approaching Owners of Established Blogs and Choosing the Guest Post Topic

Guest Posting – Approaching Owners of Established Blogs and Choosing the Guest Post Topic

In “7 Advantages of Guest Blogging – Why Every Blogger Should Write Guest Posts“, we saw that guest blogging or guest posting on established blogs can be really beneficial to your blog.

Continuing with the same theme, let’s explore two other important aspects of guest blogging: how to reach out to a busy blogger and get accepted for a guest post, and how to choose the topic fr the guest post so that you get the maximum benefits from guest blogging.

Let’s explore each in detail.


How to Approach an Established Blog for Guest Blogging

In order to guest post, you have to get in touch with owners of established blogs in your niche and get their approval for writing articles for them.

Here are a few ways through which you can achieve this.

  1. Look for Bloggers Welcoming Guest Posts: You can search for blog owners seeking guest bloggers on the internet using Google or any other search engine. This is by far the simplest thing to do since you can find out numerous blogs by looking on the internet this way. You can also use specialized programs like Google alerts to receive emails or information whenever such blogs come up in your niche.
  2. How to Approach a Blogger for Guest Blogging

    How to Approach a Blogger for Guest Blogging

    Search on Social Networks: You can search for guest blogging advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many blog owners talk about their open jobs and guest posting opportunities on social networks, and by following or befriending them on these sites, you can land an opportunity as a guest blogger.

  3. Talk to Bloggers You Like and Follow: You can get in touch with the blog owners of blogs you already read and comment on to see if they will allow you to become their guest blogger. Chances are they may allow you since you’ve already built a relationship with them.
  4. Use Specialized Sites: You can also use match up platforms like MyBlogGuest that connect blog owners with guest posters.
  5. Look Beyond Traditional Bloggers: You can look for non competing organizations that would love your services as a guest blogger. These organizations could be software vendors or marketing teams that would appreciate a good article about their products from a user’s point of view.


How to Choose a Topic for a Guest Post

Many guest bloggers have a hard time figuring out what type of article they should write when they are guest blogging.

Well, here are some tips that will come in handy to you when you are selecting a topic for your guest post.


Study the Target Audience

The blog post that you write should fit the target audience it is meant for.

If the host blog is about music, then you as a guest blogger should write blog posts related to music – you shouldn’t focus on other irrelevant topics that have nothing to do with music.


Put Readers First, SEO Would Follow

The articles should put readers first, and shouldn’t be written for the sake of getting the link for SEO benefits.

Many guest bloggers abuse the chance they are given by providing low quality articles with a link back to their blog, ignorant of the fact that these articles they are writing are their number one selling points.

As a wise guest blogger, you should put your best foot forward and only write high quality articles – articles that will build a long sustainable relationship with the blog owner and the blog readers.


Experiment with Controversy

Using Controversy in Guest Posts to Create More Interaction

Using Controversy in Guest Posts to Create More Interaction

To make a big impression, you can write articles that are controversial. At the same time, you should also ask questions from all perspectives in your guest post.

This is to spark the reader’s interest. Controversial topics generate a lot of traffic, and asking questions prompts the reader to reply to your article through comments, thus prolonging of the conversation.

Asking rhetorical questions also makes the reader think a little more and pay greater attention to the blog post.


Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Guest Posts

Now that you know how to approach a blogger for a guest post and how to choose the best topic to write about, here are a few other important things you should keep in mind while guest blogging.

  1. Take Care of Grammar: The guest posts that you write should not have any grammatical mistakes. Simple grammatical mistakes can dent your reputation, especially if you are not yet established. You should proofread your work to get rid of any mistakes that may cost you a lot.
  2. Use Simple Language: The guest posts should be written using a vocabulary that is not too complex, but is simple to understand. The language or style used should not be too different from the blog owner’s.
  3. Have a Great, Attention Grabbing Headline: Your guest post should have killer headline that catches the reader’s attention from the get go. A good headline makes a reader curious and want to know what the article is about in detail. A not so good headline puts off readers, and may make them leave the blog post altogether.
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