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How to Move Posterous to WordPress – Migrating Your Blog


How to Move Posterous to WordPress - Migrating Your Blog

How to Move Posterous to WordPress – Migrating Your Blog

Posterous, a popular blogging platform, has been acquired. Twitter has bought the company, and this change in ownership has left many Posterous bloggers in some tension.

Although it is unclear about what twitter will do with Posterous, this change is bound to affect many of the regular Posterous bloggers.

The future of Posterous bloggers is still cloudy, and many are looking to move from Posterous to other blogging platforms like WordPress.

Even though Posterous is a great platform to maintain something like a tumblelog, it may not be suitable for mainstream blogging due to some limitations.

Posterous blogs do not support JavaScript at the moment. This doesn’t allow bloggers to have advertising such as Google AdSense on their sites. It also prevents them from having any analytics or tracking programs like Google Analytics.

At this time, the best option for Posterous bloggers is to make the move to another blogging software or CMS. And not just any CMS, but the best blogging platform out there – WordPress.

Let’s see in detail how you can move Posterous to WordPress – the export, the import and the entire transfer / migration process.


Why Have a Posterous to WordPress Migration?

WordPress is beyond doubt the most popular blogging platform out there, and has over 60 million users and bloggers.

People choose WordPress to power their blogs and use it to create some of the biggest blogs online. This is because WordPress is a free, open-source system, and has been built by a community of several volunteers.

Not to mention the fact that WordPress has a wide range of fantastic and free plugins. It also features a bonanza of infinite blog designs and themes.

All these help you to make your blog unique and stand out from the rest of the herd. This is why so many bloggers choose WordPress as it provides them with the opportunity to be different and individual.

And now, WordPress is ready and already set up to welcome Posterous users!

WordPress has a built-in a Posterous import feature inside all dashboards (and for self hosted blog too). It uses the Posterous API, so the import is seamless and easy.

This free Posterous importer tool helps you transfer your Posterous blog posts, comments and other files from Posterous to WordPress.


Move Posterous To WordPress – – Step by Step Guide

The Posterous import tool has made the switch from Posterous to WordPress seamless and glitch free. A few simple and easy steps can help you set up your own WordPress blog in a mere matter of minutes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Posterous to WordPress Migration - Export, Import and Transfer of Your Blog

    Posterous to WordPress Migration – Export, Import and Transfer of Your Blog

    Create a free blog at, unless you already have one.

  2. On the dashboard of your blog, go to Tools > Import. Choose “Posterous” for importing all your posts, comments, tags and attachments from your blog.
  3. Selecting the “Posterous” option in the importer, enter your Posterous blog credentials. Basically, type in your Posterous host name, user name and password.
  4. Click “Submit”. You will get a message mentioning that WordPress is moving your content from Posterous. You should receive an email in just a few minutes, once the process is complete.

All you have to do is wait for a few minutes. Once you receive the email titled “[] Import successful‏”, you have everything migrated from Posterous, and your very own blog is fully set up!


Transfer Posterous Into WordPress – (Self Hosted) – Step by Step Guide also has the feature of transferring your entire Posterous blog straight into a WordPress self hosted blog. And yes, it is also as easy and simple as before, and can be completed within a few minutes.

The process is very similar, but let’s take a look at the steps anyway.

  1. Login to the administration area of your self hosted WordPress blog, and go to the dashboard.
  2. On the dashboard, locate the “Plugins” option. Click on it, and choose “Add New”.
  3. Search for the “Posterous Importer” plugin. This plugin allows you to import all your posts, comments, tags, and attachments from a blog. Install and activate the plugin like any other WordPress plugin.
  4. Go to Tools > Import. Click on the “Posterous” option.
  5. Enter your Posterous credentials. After doing so, click on “Submit”, and wait as WordPress imports your Posterous content into your self hosted WordPress blog.

An alternative is to transfer all your Posterous content to a temporary blog, and then from the blog to your self hosted blog. To know how to do this, please read “How To Move – to & Self-Hosting“.

You now have a self hosted site, with all your Posterous content fully moved & transferred!


Migrating Your Blog from Posterous to WordPress – Conclusion

The fact that the future of Posterous and Posterous blogs is uncertain makes it a great time for you to move from Posterous to WordPress.

Apart from shifting to a more robust and popular blogging platform, this move would also allow you to take advantage of over 18,000 free and open source plugins available to extend the functionality of your blog and customize it.

Good luck for the Posterous to WordPress move and blog migration!

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