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Scarcity Samurai Review – EASILY Double & Triple Your Profits Using Existing Traffic


Do you want to get a tool that can literally double or triple your online income – overnight??

What if I say that you can do this by just a few clicks using your existing WordPress blog – with no new content, no new products, no copywriting, and no coding?

Sounds crazy? It’s true! Read on…


Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin by Nobel Samurai

Scarcity Samurai Review - EASILY Double and Triple Your Profits Using Existing Traffic

Scarcity Samurai Review – EASILY Double and Triple Your Profits Using Existing Traffic

Scarcity Samurai is a brand new plugin from the trusted Nobel Samurai team. This team is known for comping up with market leading, super useful products.

I can personally vouch for them as I have been using their Market Samurai and Article Samurai products for a long, long time.

Now, they’ve created a powerful WordPress Plugin that is PROVEN to multiply your profits by 2x, 3x, even 4x… with just a few button clicks.

You just need to install this awesome plugin, and you would be able to increase your profits manyfold – overnight!

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you use Scarcity Samurai:

  • Convert your “once off promotions” into non-stop profit machines that run all day, every day completely on autopilot… finally giving you “REAL” set-and-forget passive income
  • Multiply your sales by up to 450% in just a few minutes… that’s over four times MORE CASH in your bank account
  • Skyrocket your sales page conversions by up to 80% – practically doubling your income overnight…
  • Boost your squeeze page sign up rate by up to 40% in just a few clicks, exploding the size of your list at breakneck speed

How? Please see below.


Scarcity Samurai Review – The Secret Behind this WordPress Plugin

Scarcity Samurai uses psychology to increase your sales… It is a proven fact that people respond to an offer much better if it is for a limited time.

But if you want to implement a “limited time offer” on your blog the right way, it would need custom coding, hours and hours of effort, and a ton of money.

Now, Scarcity Samurai does exactly this – you just install this WordPress plugin, and it takes care of all the aspects of a limited time offer.

It flicks a little known switch in your customer’s mind that COMPELS them to buy your products…

And the best part is that Scarcity Samurai automates everything. You just have to set it up once (which is extremely easy as you can see in the videos below), and it tirelessly does its job 24X7.

You can watch the video here, and see the magic behind Scarcity Samurai for yourself!


Scarcity Samurai Review – What Some Other Users are Saying

Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin

Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin

Here are the things being said about Scarcity Samurai by its users:

  • “THE – 2013 IM tool of the year”
  • “The best conversion tool ever!”
  • “THE game-changer that everyone is looking for”
  • “Sales have been pouring in. Thanks for the great product. It’s easy to install, can be setup and seconds, and there is no doubt that it works.”
  • “Talk about a PAY RAISE!! My income will more than double this year with this program, I can guarantee it! Thanks again for another amazing program.. you never disappoint!”
  • “I installed Scarcity Samurai 2 days ago and already seen a huge spike in conversions!!! This will now always play a role in my marketing!”
  • “I love the plugin. It is easy to set up and implement. And has increased my conversions by over 100%! I highly recommend it as it is fantastic value for money.”
  • Scarcity Samurai is SICK!”
  • “THE game-changer that everyone is looking for.”
  • “I’ve never seen such a must-have tool.”
  • “This is probably automation at its best!”
  • “A killer product.”
  • “This is so point and click simple”
  • “This plug-in is an insanely valuable WordPress addition”


How to Install Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin

Here is a simple, step-by-step video that tells you how to download and install Scarcity Samurai.


Configuring Scarcity Samurai – How to Use the Multipage Evergreen Scarcity Wizard

Here is a video that tells you what the multipage mode is, and gives you instructions about setting it up using the Multipage Evergreen Scarcity Wizard.


Scarcity Samurai Review – How to Use the Single Page Evergreen Scarcity Wizard

Here is a video that tells you what the single page mode in Scarcity Samurai is, and gives you instructions about setting it up using the Single Page Evergreen Scarcity Wizard.


Get Scarcity Samurai Now – At a 50% Discount

The normal retail price of the PRO-licence for Scarcity Samurai (which allows you to install the plugin on unlimited sites) will be $197.

However, as part of the “Launch Special”, you will would be able to lock in a 50% HALF PRICE discount, and grab the pro version of the plugin for just $97. You don’t even need a discount code!

Please click here to get your 50% discount – remember, this offer is available for a very limited time!

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