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Scarcity Samurai Review – EASILY Double & Triple Your Profits Using Existing Traffic

  Do you want to get a tool that can literally double or triple your online income – overnight?? What if I say that you can do this by just a few clicks using your existing WordPress blog – with no new content, no new products, no copywriting, and no coding? Sounds crazy? It’s true! Read […]

Choosing the domain name for your blog – How to select a perfect domain name

  So you have done your keyword research, and have finally selected the perfect niche to blog about. What next? (Image by chrisdlugosz)       Importance of the Domain Name The next crucial step is the selection of the domain name. Why is a domain name important? You are ranked higher in the search […]

Market Samurai Review – Discount Code – Free Keyword Tool

Irrespective of the topic you write about, and irrespective of whether you are blogging for money or not, you want to attract more visitors to your site. And that’s where keyword research comes into play. Keyword research and analysis is very vital for all stages of your blog: Choosing the niche to blog about Choosing […]

Starting your blog – How to choose a blogging niche

So, you have decided to blog. You are all excited, and rearing to go. And the very first question that you encounter is: What should I blog about? How do I choose a blogging niche?   There is no simple answer to this question – you would need to figure it out yourself. However,  all […]