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Types Of Blogs You Can Start: Authority, AdSense, Affiliate

When you think about starting a blog, one thing you need to think about is the type of blog you want to run. And in order to take that decision, you should to be aware of the various possible options. Here is a list of the types of blogs that are possible, and their pros […]

How to choose the right keywords for ranking high in search engine results

  Why do you take up SEO for your blog? To attract visitors to your blog through search engines. And how do you attract these people? You do that by optimizing your posts or pages for particular words that are relevant for your topic.     What are Keywords? These words that represent the topic […]

What is Onsite and Offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  We keep hearing about onsite (or on-page) SEO and offsite SEO. What do these terms mean? How are they different? Are they important? Let’s understand each of these terms, and why they are vital for your blog’s success.     What is Onsite SEO? Onsite SEO is the process of tweaking or doing things […]

Market Samurai Review – Discount Code – Free Keyword Tool

Irrespective of the topic you write about, and irrespective of whether you are blogging for money or not, you want to attract more visitors to your site. And that’s where keyword research comes into play. Keyword research and analysis is very vital for all stages of your blog: Choosing the niche to blog about Choosing […]

Starting your blog – How to choose a blogging niche

So, you have decided to blog. You are all excited, and rearing to go. And the very first question that you encounter is: What should I blog about? How do I choose a blogging niche?   There is no simple answer to this question – you would need to figure it out yourself. However,  all […]