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Keyword density – What is right, what is wrong

Keyword Density - A Factor in Search Engine Optimization SEO

Keyword Density - A Factor in Search Engine Optimization SEO


You have selected your keywords, and you know that it is best to write one post per keyword for better SEO.

And now you want to finally start writing your posts!


What is keyword density?

The question that you face is – how to incorporate the keyword? This is where keyword density comes into play.

(Please note – when I say “keyword”, it doesn’t have to be just one word. It can be a group of words that you have chosen as your keyword. In fact, it might be better to select multiple words as your keyword)

Keyword density is the number of times the keyword appears in proportion to the total number of words in the post. It is expressed as a percentage (%).

Mathematically speaking,

Keyword density = (Number of times the keyword appears in the post / total number of words in the post) * 100

For example, if you have a keyword appear 11 times in a post having a total of 300 words,

Keyword density = (11 / 300) * 100 = 3.67%.


How much should the keyword density be?

People disagree on this, and there are figures out there that are anywhere between 1% and 10%.

Personally, I have observed that a keyword density between 1% and 3% gives the best SEO results.


Importance of Keyword Density

Please keep in mind that keyword density as a factor in SEO is losing its relevance and importance.

It used to be quite important earlier, but it now has very little weight in search engine algorithms.

So pay attention to keyword density, but don’t get too worried about it!


Your experience

What do you think – what is the best keyword density? What has been your experience? What has worked for you?

Do let me know through your comments.


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