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Leave comments: Get multiple backlinks, get traffic, build your brand

Leave Comments - Get Backlinks Traffic and Build Your Brand

Leave Comments - Get Backlinks Traffic and Build Your Brand

Backlinks from any and every blog or website would not help you in your SEO efforts.

You need to get backlinks from quality sites in order to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). What can be better than getting links from other good quality blogs?

Links from other quality blogs in your niche are extremely valuable for good SEO. The problem is getting the other blogger to link to you!


Leave comments, get backlinks

Ok, it is not that easy. However, it isn’t very difficult either. Read on.

When you leave meaningful comments on someone’s blog, he or she is much more likely to link back to you. Here are the reasons:


1. Commenting creates inherent liking

Every blogger likes to have a community around his or her blog. Comments and commenters are an integral part of this community.

When you leave comments on a blog, you automatically get into the good books of the blogger, because you are helping his / her blog!


2. Good comments are thought provoking

When you leave comments that add to the discussion, or comments that counter the view of the blogger, it prompts the blogger to think more about the topic.

He / she may or may not agree with what you say, but it always prompts them to think deeper. And since you provoke the though, they are more likely to remember you and link back to you – especially if they write a follow-up post based on this!


3. Regular, quality comments create high recall value

When another blogger sees your name regularly in the comments section, with contents that add to the discussion in a meaningful way, your name would have a high recall value in the mind of the blogger.

And remember, you might need to write to the blogger asking for a backlink to your blog. In this case, it would help tremendously if your name is familiar to the blogger.

After all, it would be difficult to say no to a loyal reader and a regular contributor!


The other side – Spammy comments

All this doesn’t mean that mere commenting would earn you backlinks. Remember, your comments need to add to the discussion in some way. The comments have to be relevant and meaningful.

Say No to Spammy Comments

Say No to Spammy Comments

There is no point in commenting for the sake of commenting – leaving a spammy comment like “Great post!” wouldn’t help at all.

In fact, it would do the opposite – it would make the blogger remember you as a comment spammer, which is best avoided!

Therefore, do leave comments, but only when you have something meaningful to say.


What does this tell us?

Leaving meaningful comments regularly increases your familiarity, which is like brand building for you.

And if the comments are really though provoking, the blogger is very highly likely to link to you in future posts.

Bottomline: Leave good comments, and earn backlinks!

Leaving good comments regularly is sure to earn you a backlink or two from the author of the blog.

But can commenting do more than that? Can it help you generate many backlinks? Can it help you generate traffic? Yes!


Commenting Strategy

If done correctly, leaving comments can help you:

  • Build your brand
  • Get lots of traffic
  • Earn lots of backlinks

The catch phrase here is “if done correctly”. Let’s see what the “correct” way of commenting is to get these benefits.


Where to leave the comments?

Leaving a comment on any random blog would not help you achieve these goals. You need to leave comments at blogs that are:

  1. Popular (get high traffic)
  2. A meeting place for your target audience


1. Popular

The blog or website has to be popular – the more the visitors, the more people would see your comment. And the more the people seeing your comment, the more you build your brand.

Also, when your comments are meaningful and in-depth, they help you emerge as an authority. This means that many people would be tempted to check out what you write at your own blog – resulting in increased traffic to your blog!

And if they find your blog’s content good, they would link to it from their own blogs – resulting in loads of backlinks for you!


2. A meeting place for your target audience

You should leave comments at a blog or website that is either related to your niche, or helps people interested in your niche.

(For example, if you write about iPods, you can leave comments on blogs about iPod or Apple, or the regular technology blogs.)

That way, you would get traffic that is interested in what you write about, and would get backlinks from blogs that are related.


When to leave the comments?

Now this is extremely important.

How many times do you read a blog post, scroll to the comments, and read all the comments? “Never” is a very likely answer!

When to Leave Comments

When to Leave Comments

Most of us just read a couple of comments. That means that if your comment is buried way down, it would not help you achieve these goals.

So, aim to be among the first five people leaving a comment. Don’t worry, there is no rocket science here. Most bloggers have a blogging rhythm – they publish their posts at specific times of the day.

So, identify the blogs that you want to leave comments on, watch them for a couple of days, and you would know when the blog posts are published.

So, just aim and shoot πŸ™‚


Quality of comments

Always remember, you would be able to get traffic and links only if your comments are relevant, and add to the discussion.

Leaving comments like “Great post” or “Nice ideas” will only harm your reputation, and alienate other bloggers.

So, please refrain from commenting just for the sake of commenting, and leave only quality comments.


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