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Types Of Blogs You Can Start: Authority, AdSense, Affiliate

When you think about starting a blog, one thing you need to think about is the type of blog you want to run. And in order to take that decision, you should to be aware of the various possible options. Here is a list of the types of blogs that are possible, and their pros […]

Genesis Theme Review – WordPress Theme Framework by StudioPress

Genesis is a theme framework that has become very popular very soon – over 71,000 online publishers are currently using it. In fact, all my blogs run on Genesis! Here is an in-depth Genesis theme review where I cover the features of Genesis in detail so that you can decide if this theme is right […]

Free Blog Review –

Brian runs the blog, and has requested a free blog review. Let’s take a look at his blog that deals with mortgages in Illinois and Indiana, and see if it can be improved.   First Impressions You have a nice keyword-rich domain name. It also has a location based word (Chicago). This should definitely […]

Income report and traffic report for my blogs – April 2012

Here are the details of the traffic to my blogs and the income report for April 2012. I hope you would get some inspiration from the discussion of my numbers over the months! If you want to share your blog’s statistics, you are most welcome to do so in the comments.     Traffic Report […]

Review of Google Analytics – The factors to check for better SEO

“Why SEO” – this is a very basic question that gets asked very often. The answer is simple: We do search engine optimization to get more unpaid search traffic from various search engines like Google (also known as organic traffic). In short, better SEO = More traffic from search engines.   Measuring what we want […]

How to improve SEO by reducing your page load time

Page load time impacts the user experience Have you ever been to a blog or website, and felt frustrated because it took ages to load? This isn’t very unfamiliar, right? Such an experience can be really frustrating. And it is more than likely that you wouldn’t want to visit that blog again! This is a […]

Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO Smart Links

You know that interlinking of blog posts is essential for good SEO. This can be done in many ways – through sidebar widgets, “related posts” plugins, list of best or most popular posts, etc. In fact, in “7 ways to implement internal linking of your posts for better SEO“, we saw that one of the […]