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Generate links to your blog through WordPress and Blogspot

Links pointing to your blog or website are extremely important for SEO. (Check out “Backlinks – The fastest way to good SEO” for more)

  • They help you get indexed faster by Google and other search engines by providing a pathway to your blog
  • They make you an authority site in the eyes of search engines
  • The backlinks drive traffic to your blog


How to get the backlinks?

Generate Backlinks to Your Blog Using WordPress and Blogspot

Generate Backlinks to Your Blog Using WordPress and Blogspot

For best SEO, backlinks should be obtained from varied sources, and the sources of the backlinks should preferably be websites and blogs having a similar topic.

(Check out “Where to get backlinks from for good SEO” for more details on this)

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But getting backlinks might be a little difficult when you are just establishing your blog. Once you get famous by providing good content, backlinks would pour in from other blogs.

But in the beginning, you can start by giving it a little push yourself.


Start your link building

When you want to get your blog indexed by Google, or just want those initial few backlinks, why wait for others to provide them?

You can start by starting an announcement blog at free blogging sites like and! And what should you do with these blogs?


1. Link to your actual blog or website

On each of these blogs, you can have a post announcing your actual blog – and this announcement post should contain links to your blog with keyword rich anchor text.

These posts can be in the form of a press release informing people about your blog.


2. Link form the Blogroll

These new blogs would have their own blogrolls in the sidebar. Put your actual blog in these blogrolls – again, with keywords.

(For example, would be in the blogroll as “ – WordPress and Blogging Tips” instead of just “”)


3. Category and Tags

On the and announcement blogs, you would need to provide a category to your announcement post. You can also provide various tags to this post.

Name the category and the tags carefully – they should be your keywords.


Advantages of blogs on and Blogspot / Blogger

There are multiple benefits of this strategy.

  1. You get keyword rich backlinks to your blog or website.
  2. Google and other search engines index WordPress and Blogspot very regularly.

Your announcement blogs would get listings on and under the tags and category you have specified. Since you would have specified your keywords here, people would come to these announcement blogs when they look for your keywords.

And since these blogs would have a post linking to your original blog, there is a fair chance that they would come to your blog – which means additional traffic!


Exercise caution – Don’t go overboard

Yes, there are many benefits. But please be advised that you can’t overdo this. That would be spamming.

Having one or two announcement blogs / posts is fine, but starting many such blogs just to get backlinks would take you to the “not so good” (read: blackhat) territory.


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