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Blogging Basics and Tools

In this section, you would find articles that deal with the basics of blogging and WordPress. It has lots of tips and tricks, and numerous “how to” guides to solve all your blogging and WordPress related issues.
If you are just starting out your blog, this is the category you should be looking at. Even if you are an experienced blogger, I am sure you would find many great tips here!


Starting your blog – How to choose a blogging niche

So, you have decided to blog. You are all excited, and rearing to go. And the very first question that you encounter is: What should I blog about? How do I choose a blogging niche?   There is no simple answer to this question – you would need to figure it out yourself. However,  all […]

Steps involved in starting a blog – A quick list

  The question that I am asked very frequently is: What are the steps involved in setting up a blog or a website? Other versions of the same question are: How to blog, or how to start a blog. So here is a quick list of the steps involved. In the future, I plan to […]