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Scarcity Samurai Review – EASILY Double & Triple Your Profits Using Existing Traffic

  Do you want to get a tool that can literally double or triple your online income – overnight?? What if I say that you can do this by just a few clicks using your existing WordPress blog – with no new content, no new products, no copywriting, and no coding? Sounds crazy? It’s true! Read […]

Affiliate Income for Bloggers: Best Websites and WordPress Plugins

  Are you getting a steady stream of web traffic to your website, and are looking for the best way to make a little bit more money within a short time? There are many different lucrative ways to do this, but a lot of things that work for a short time may not be sustainable. […]

Google AdSense: Pros, Cons and Should You Have it on Your Blog

AdSense by Google, more commonly known as Google AdSense, is an affiliate marketing program for internet websites and bloggers. Simply, it is a way for people or companies, who want to advertise their products, to sign up with Google. Google in turn signs up with you, the blogger, to advertise these products on behalf of […]

The Best WordPress Plugins for PayPal – Best WordPress Themes for PayPal

  When you hear the word WordPress, about 80% of people think of the blogging platform that millions use each and every day. But now a days with all of the advancements in computer technology, the internet and blogging technology, WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform. More and more people […]

7 Advantages of Guest Blogging – Why Every Blogger Should Write Guest Posts

  No doubt guest blogging has got a lot of benefits for both parties involved in it – the guest blogger and the blog publishing the blog post. The following benefits are a proof that guest blogging is indeed an important technique that everyone in the blogging world should use.   1. Improve Your Writing […]

Make Money Blogging – 4 Simple Ways to Blog Your Way to Bank

  The blogging world is not as easy as many people would think. But as they say, good things don’t come easy! Through hard work and patience, though, you can reap great financial benefits from blogging. The first thing you should do as a blogger is build a loyal audience – have traffic flowing to […]

How To Monetize Your Blog – Tips from a Seasoned Affiliate Marketer

  Affiliate Networks like Clickbank and JVZoo and even private affiliate programs like Amazon Associates give you a marvelous opportunities to monetize your blog. The most popular – and the biggest – affiliate network online is Clickbank, as it offers products you can promote across all kinds of niche markets. They usually pay between 20%-75% […]

Types Of Blogs You Can Start: Authority, AdSense, Affiliate

When you think about starting a blog, one thing you need to think about is the type of blog you want to run. And in order to take that decision, you should to be aware of the various possible options. Here is a list of the types of blogs that are possible, and their pros […]