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Better user experience for better search engine rankings

Search engines have come a long way in the last 15 years. There was a time when the search results were totally dependent on on-page factors – primarily, the keyword density. (This led to blackhat practices like keyword stuffing). Then, the search engines became more intelligent, and started giving more credit to offsite factors – […]

Leave comments: Get multiple backlinks, get traffic, build your brand

Backlinks from any and every blog or website would not help you in your SEO efforts. You need to get backlinks from quality sites in order to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). What can be better than getting links from other good quality blogs? Links from other quality blogs in your niche […]

How to reduce bounce rate on your blog and improve SEO

What is bounce rate? When a visitor comes to your blog or website, either on the homepage or on some post, and leaves without seeing any other webpage, it is called a “bounce“. In other words, a “bounce” is a visitor that leaves after seeing only one webpage on your blog or website. And the […]

Keyword placement – Where & how to put keywords in a post

  It is important to have the right keyword density, and it is important to not stuff your post with keywords. Is there anything more to keywords? Do you need to consider anything else? Well, yes!   Keyword placement Its not just the number of times a keyword is used in a post – where […]

Where to get backlinks from for good SEO

Backlinks have a lot of importance in the algorithms of modern search engines like Google. The more backlinks your blog has, the better is your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Of course, if you have your keywords in the backlinks, your rankings would be even higher. But where should you get these […]

Boost your SEO efforts – Have keywords in the link Anchor Text

  External links and internal links are very important from an SEO point of view. These links make Google and other search engine spiders visit your blog, and thus, help your blog get indexed. Apart from this, the links are treated as a vote of confidence from the linking blog or website, and your ranking […]

Review of WordPress (WP) Plugin – SEO Title Tag

It is very important to have your keyword in the “title” tag of your pages. This is one element the search engine spiders pay most attention to in you blog post. (Read all about this in “Keywords in the title tag – a must for good SEO“)   SEO Title Tag Plugin for WordPress (WP) […]

Keyword stuffing – How much is too much?

Having the right keyword density is very important for successful SEO. The optimal keyword density is between 1% and 3%. This density gives the best visibility to your keywords in the post in the eyes of the search engines, and thus gives you the best ranking in the search engine results page (SERPs). You should […]