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Boost your SEO efforts – Have keywords in the link Anchor Text


Keywords in the Link Anchor Text

Keywords in the Link Anchor Text

External links and internal links are very important from an SEO point of view.

These links make Google and other search engine spiders visit your blog, and thus, help your blog get indexed.

Apart from this, the links are treated as a vote of confidence from the linking blog or website, and your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs) gets a boost due to this.


Make your links work harder

Yes, links do the job. But they can do a lot more than that!

Simply having links point to your blog or blog posts is enough in itself. But if you use the most appropriate words in the anchor text of your links, the links would become a lot more valuable!

Search engines like Google not only look at the number of links to your blog, but also at the anchor text of the link. To use our “vote” analogy, it means that Google treats a link as a vote for your blog for the words used in the anchor text.

That is, Google thinks that the linking website or blog finds your blog relevant for the words found in the anchor text. And if the linking site finds your blog relevant, searchers would too, right?

And that’s why Google ranks your blog higher for these terms!


Use keywords in the link’s Anchor Text

What words do you think are the most relevant for your blog? Your keywords!!

And your goal is to make Google and other search engines believe that your blog is the most relevant blog or site for your keywords.

Therefore, make sure that you use your keywords in the anchor text of your links – it is a sure shot way of improving your search engine ranking for your chosen keywords!


Backlinks and Internal Links

Getting your keywords in backlinks from other blogs and websites is more difficult – after all, some other webmaster controls these backlinks, and you might not have the liberty to specify the anchor text!

So, start with using keywords in your blog’s internal links – it is easy, and can be done immediately!


What is “Anchor Text”?

For those who are new to link building, anchor text is the text that you click in a hyperlink.

Thus, “The WordPress How To Blog” is the anchor text in the following link:

The WordPress How To Blog


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