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Make Money Blogging – 4 Simple Ways to Blog Your Way to Bank


Make Money Blogging - 4 Simple Ways to Blog Your Way to Bank

Make Money Blogging – 4 Simple Ways to Blog Your Way to Bank

The blogging world is not as easy as many people would think. But as they say, good things don’t come easy!

Through hard work and patience, though, you can reap great financial benefits from blogging.

The first thing you should do as a blogger is build a loyal audience – have traffic flowing to your blog. To get this traffic you have to know the basics of search engine optimization, that is, on page and off page optimization.

Once you have achieved a good amount of traffic to your blog, monetizing your blog becomes a good option. The reason why first time bloggers are advised to wait until they have a good traffic is because a blogger has to first build trust and credibility with his or her readers.

There are several ways through which you can get money through blogging. Some have been in existence since blogging came to be, while others are new. Listed below are some of them.


1. Advertising

This is one method that has proven to be a great money maker for most bloggers.

Online ads are the reason why some companies like Google are where they are. You can join their ranks by learning their tricks and everything else that has got to do with online advertising.

Google AdSense and Other Advertising Options to Make Money Blogging

Google AdSense and Other Advertising Options to Make Money Blogging

For a beginner, it’s good to start with Google Adsense. Google Adsense works by letting you – a blogger or website owner – use Google’s software to generate contextual advertisements that can be used in a variety of different places on the blog.

But as your blog grows, it might be smart to switch to other options – like selling advertising space directly to other companies – because Adsense ads are known to distract web visitors.

One way to do this is using a number of available WordPress plugins, like WP125. They allow you to sell ad space on your blog. These can generate income very well.

If your blog traffic goes quite high, to say 40,000 page views per month, you can apply to online firms like and the Beacon Ad Network to get professional help.

These are online firms that manage ad sales on your blog. They get their money by taking a commission on your ad sales which they are managing.


2. Affiliate Marketing

One sure way you can make money as a blogger and affiliate is by becoming an Amazon associate.

Programs like Amazon associate reward people for driving traffic to their marketplace by giving them a percentage of a sale. The only disadvantage of setting up affiliate links on your blog is that the whole process is time consuming.

To solve this problem of wastage of time, some internet entrepreneurs have come up with programs like Viglink and Skimlink. They help bloggers join a variety of affiliate marketing programs in one shot.

The above programs work like this. If you write a post that mentions a product, these programs will use the product’s name in your blog post to place a link to an online store selling that item.

You, in turn, get a commission on the sale if the person directed to the online store from your blog buys something from the store.


3. Selling Your Own Products

Sell Your Own Products for Maximum Blog Profitability

Sell Your Own Products for Maximum Blog Profitability

Selling merchandise (like eBooks) online can bring lots of money. This is because these products are always on sale – all year round, 24X7.

You can have many links from your blog posts to these products.

The best part is that you get to keep 100% of the sale amount – instead of getting just a commission on the sales, you get to keep everything you make!



4. Adding an “Instant Marketplace”

As a blogger, you can now make use of the services of a company called Ubokia. What they do is add a miniature marketplace to your blog that focuses on products in your niche.

They do the work of maintenance and policing transactions for you in that marketplace, which means no inconvenience to you. For instance, if you write about sports, you might add sports merchandise marketplace to your blog.

Ubokia pays bloggers who host its marketplaces a two percent commission on sales, depositing the payments in their PayPal accounts.


Tip of the Iceberg

These are just a few of the methods you can use to make money through blogging. Since the world of blogging keeps on changing, you are advised to pay attention to the programs other bloggers are using in their monetization.

You also ought to stay updated about the recent trends and developments – now that’s something you don’t have to worry about if you keep visiting this blog!

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