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Why Should You Register Domain Name for More Than 1 Year


You have done your keyword research using a tool like Market Samurai, and have narrowed down on possible domain names.

Registering Domain Name for Multiple Years

Registering Domain Name for Multiple Years

You have also searched for the availability of your desired domain name with your desired extension, and are all set to register it.

(Check out “Choosing the domain name for your blog – How to select a perfect domain name” for domain name selection tips)

The one question that remains to be answered now is: for how long should you register a domain name?


For How Long Should a Domain Name be Registered?

The short answer – the longer the better!

Don't Register Domain Name for Just 1 Year

Don’t Register Domain Name for Just 1 Year

Most domain name registrars allow domain name registration from 1 year to a maximum of 10 years.

Most new bloggers register the domain name only for 1 year since it means spending the least possible amount! However, if you are serious about your blog, this should be avoided.

You need to register the domain name for the maximum possible time that your budget allows. Ideally, you should register it for 10 years, but try to shoot for a least 5 years.

Here are the reasons.


Importance of the Length of Domain Name Registration Period for SEO

Again, the short answer: registering the domain name for a longer period helps you with getting higher rankings in search engine results (SERPs). Yes, a domain name registered for may years helps you with SEO!

Why? Let’s understand the basic of search engine rankings.

How does Google or any other search engine decide the order of its rankings? By evaluating the authority of a given web page (including your blog posts) for the search term used by the searcher.

And what contributes to the authority of your web page?

Apart from the content on the page, there are many other things that go to enhance the authority of a page – links pointing to the page, social media statistics of the page (Facebook likes, Tweets, Google Plus, etc), etc.

The age of the domain name (the years since the domain name has been registered) and the time to expiry for the domain name (the years for which the domain name would remain registered in the future) also contribute to the authority of each and every page of your blog.

When your domain name is registered for may years into the future, it indicated to Google that you are a serious site, and you are in the game for the long term. This leads to enhanced authority for your blog posts, and therefore higher rankings!

The time till the expiry of a domain name is a clear indication of when you plan to shut shop – guess who Google would trust more, someone who plans to shut the site in 1 year, or someone who is willing to run it for the next 10 years?


Fringe Benefit – Never Lose Control of Your Blog

Don't Lose Ownership of Your Blog

Don’t Lose Ownership of Your Blog

Another advantage of registering your domain name for multiple years is that you would not have to worry about renewing your blog’s domain name every year.

And since it is already registered for multiple years, there is no question of you missing its renewal, and losing your blog!

(Trust me, as bizarre as it sounds, there are people who have lost their blogs just because they “forgot” to renew the domain name!)




As you can see, there are multiple benefits of registering (or renewing) your domain name for multiple years.

And this is one of the very few search engine optimization (SEO) things that can be done on a one-time basis but benefits you forever!

So if you are yet to register the domain name for your blog, please try to register it for at least 5 years. And if you have already registered a domain name for just 1 year, go to your domain control panel and renew it for multiple years!

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