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Earnings report and traffic for my blogs – September 2011

Earnings report and traffic report for my blogs

Earnings report and traffic report for my blogs





Here are the details of traffic to my three other blogs and the earnings report for them last month.






Traffic Report

WebsiteMonthVisitorsVisitsPageviewsPosts Published


Earnings Report

The combined earnings from these 3 blogs for the last month was:


The revenue was earned from Google AdSense ads and affiliate commissions.


Detailed Earnings Report

Like last month, the earnings from each blog are currently quite low to provide a blog-wise breakdown in the earnings report. Once the combined earning from these three blogs achieves a respectable amount – something I intend to achieve by January 2012 – I would also provide a blog wise earnings breakup in my earnings report.


Analysis of the current month

As planned last month, I could write a-post-a-week for all the three websites, apart from writing posts for this blog and my other online ventures. So I have written a total of 13 blog posts for the 3 blogs we are tracking. This is a big jump from the 2 posts I could write in August – and 1 more than the 12 posts originally planned!

This has had a positive impact on traffic, which has increased by 24% across the 3 blogs. Unfortunately, the earnings report doesn’t reflect such a positive change – the earnings have actually gone down from $15.56 in August 2011 to $8.12 in September 2011.

But the posts I have written are have solid content, and I expect them to draw traffic consistently over a long period of time, resulting in increased revenues over time.


Plan for the next month

Just like last month, I intend to publish 1 post per week on each of these blogs – giving me 4 posts each, and a total of 12 posts.

Again, I plan to write high quality content that would have lasting impact on traffic and revenue. We’ll see how it turns out when we get to see the October 2011 earnings report!


Get details of these blogs

If you are interested in knowing more about the three blogs for which I publish the monthly traffic and earning details, please check out “My Other Blogs – The Companions in Our Journey“.


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