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SEO in the Post-Panda and Post-Penguin World – Doing SEO The Right Way


SEO After Google Panda and Google Penguin

SEO After Google Panda and Google Penguin

Low quality websites have been hanging around on the internet for many years. Most of these sites only contain low quality articles.

In fact, some of these sites ad blogs are just there so as to make money through advertisements. And yet, they are not offering anything substantial to the readers in terms of quality material.

It is for these reasons that Google had to come up with new algorithms called Google Panda and Google Penguin.


Changes Brought About by Google Panda and Google Penguin

The aim of Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm updates was – and still remains – to get rid of and eliminate all the websites and blogs that are nothing but content farms that contain low quality articles. This has been achieved very successfully and thanks to Google Panda and Google Penguin!

Websites that offer very little to the reader have been brought to heel by these algorithm changes. Websites with better quality articles now find their way near to the top of the search engine result pages, while the low quality websites get lower rankings.

Many social networking and news sites have found their rankings increased overnight, while sites that contain a lot of advertisements have seen a drop in their rankings.


How to do SEO the Right Way After Google Panda and Google Penguin?

There were rumors that 12 percent of sites in the United States were affected just by the Google Panda change. It is now clear that a large percentage of websites have been affected, and the number is growing higher each day. This has brought a lot of complains from disgruntled web owners towards Google.

As a webmasters, you have new rules to follow to stay on top of search engine rankings – otherwise, you certainly would be punched by Google.

Below are some effective strategies that will help you to rank high on Google:

  • Things to do for SEO Post Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

    Things to do for SEO Post Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

    Unique content. Create a blog that has unique, high quality and usable content that readers are looking for.

  • Your blog should have a user friendly design
  • Your blog should be updated regularly, and fresh, new content that is unique and of high quality should be added frequently
  • The design and user experience plays an important role in search engines rankings now, and thus, you should stay away from bad design
  • The content of your blog posts should be varied – have some short posts and some long posts
  • In general, more content should be there in your posts so that Google can find your content for more keywords, and the page appears more relevant and useful
  • For better user experience, the primary content should be above the fold so that the users can find the relevant content as soon as they open up your blog. This can be accomplished by shortening the header a bit and by removing any ads on top of your blog’s posts and pages.
  • Take care of the ratio of advertisement to information on each webpage of your blog, as Google does not like websites just meant for advertising purpose.
  • The affiliate links should be hidden on the website as Google hates such link promotions
  • Hidden text should not be used, and any text should also not be hidden within images.
  • Make sure that  you do not  “No Follow” all the outbound links, but certainly “No Follow” outbound paid links
  • Make sure to always give away the credit to the authority websites when you are quoting them
  • Age of the domain is not that important a factor with the new Google updates as it was earlier
  • You can start participating in social networks and social media sites, as Google algorithm has started taking social media into account


Link Building Post-Panda and Post-Penguin

If we look at Google Panda and Google Penguin from link building perspective, the following changes would be needed:

  • Link Building and Google Panda - Google Penguin

    Link Building and Google Panda – Google Penguin

    Link relevancy – Google is now giving more attention to link relevancy, and therefore, you should only use relevant anchor texts and descriptions

  • The search engine rankings will be negatively affected by backlinks from spammy pages like link farms and link directories
  • Do not get backlinks from pages that have too many outbound links or from ones that are just meant for link exchange purposes
  • To get backlinks from high quality websites, guest blogging is highly recommended
  • Strong internal linking is also highly recommended
  • The .gov and .edu links are no longer as important as they used to be


SEO After Google Panda and Google Penguin – Conclusion

The latest changes in the Google algorithms has certainly challenged webmasters, site content writers and bloggers. At the same time, it has also shown the best they can to for their blogs and their readers.

The truth is, immediately after Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, most sites were not doing well. But after the initial hit and after much of the dust has settled, most of the good quality sites are now doing better.

What the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms accomplished was getting rid of the junk in Google’s SERPs and rewarding sites and blogs with good content and good link structure.

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