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Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0


Some years ago, Chris Pearson launched the Thesis WordPress Theme, and it took off right from the bat.

The thesis theme already has the potential and capability to surpass many of the other WordPress themes.

As we all know, building a new site is hard. It is even harder when you look at all the options you have been provided with – especially when a few of those are terrible.

But, Chris has great insights in web design, and that is what makes the Thesis theme so desirable. That, and all the incredible features and benefits it has.

Let’s take a closer look.


Features and Benefits of Using Thesis WordPress Theme – Thesis 2.0


Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Flexibility in Design Through Thesis Skins

Thesis 2.0 allows you to build designs from scratch, acting more like a template engine. There is no need to override HTML and CSS anymore from a base, since Thesis hands you creative control.

It is also much easier to add widgets and widgetised areas to the blog by just dragging a box onto the Thesis skin editor. This makes it simpler, with less coding.


Thesis Skins and Skin Editor

(Note: This might sound technical – and it is. But you don’t have to use the Thesis skin editor. It is meant as a flexible tool for blog developers. If you are a regular blogger who just wants to install Thesis and start a blog, that of course is possible too. The Thesis skins and skin editor just make it a whole lot more flexible for people who have technical knowledge).

Thesis Theme Skin Editor for Thesis Skins

Thesis Theme Skin Editor for Thesis Skins

The Thesis skin editor makes building a blog from the ground up insanely easy. You can add anything, anywhere in your pages simply by dragging a box in the skin editor.

You can visually edit the output of HTML Heads, and customize your 404 page just like any other page. You also have the option of selecting which pages visitors will see in your navigation menu and reorder them.

This area allows great flexibility. You can even use any specific category’s post, or even put a custom blogroll to it. You can manually configure how your title tag is displayed, and add Google Analytics tracking code without messing with your theme files.

You get full support for WordPress features, like the navigation menu. Page options transform into a complete tool that allows for easy tagging, categorizing and taxonomy of pages. This greatly enhances SEO of your blog.

Thesis WordPress theme is a very impressive and aesthetic theme when it comes to design and features. It is an extremely powerful theme with fabulous SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thesis is top of the shelf when it comes to SEO. This is definitely one of its biggest advantages.

Though WordPress is one the best search engine optimized blogging platforms, it is still affected by how your theme is laid out.

However, since Thesis uses a cleaner and simpler code structure, it means that search engines will find your blog ad your blog posts a lot easier, and you can generate more traffic.


Even More Traffic

Thesis WordPress theme is very clean and presents your content in an organized and ‘easy on the eyes’ way. It uses a clear, uncomplicated code sequence, without the nasty code bloats, as well a s canonical URLs.

It can specify each post’s title tags and meta tags. Even more, this is built right into the theme itself – it does this without the aid of a plugin. This undoubtedly will increase your blog traffic.

Also, the in-built schema and Google+ Author support helps your blog in being indexed by Google. All in all, it means a higher search engine ranking and more visitors.


Built In Search Engine Optimization SEO Features in the Thesis WordPress Theme

Built In Search Engine Optimization SEO Features in the Thesis WordPress Theme

SEO Character Counts

Continuing with the SEO aspect, Thesis makes character counts available for the title and meta description fields. These figures are important to keep track of for anyone who is optimizing their site.

Thesis also allows favicon to be simply and easily uploaded, thanks to its HTML Head Editor.


Thesis Theme Review – Page Navigation

Unlike older versions, These 2.0 has inbuilt customizable page navigation options.

What this means is that users are no longer required to manually add the page navigation to the thesis theme.


Drag and Drop Feature in Thesis 2.0

Many modern WordPress themes have the drag and drop feature. With Thesis 2.0, you get the drag and drop feature with thesis theme too.


Helpdesk Support

The support provided by the Thesis team is stellar, and is a huge advantage for its users.

Chris Pearson’s team also helps out anyone with installing and using the Thesis theme.



The people at DIYThemes – creators of the Thesis theme – are regularly updating Thesis, with all the update versions being completely free and easy to install.

Also, help is always available and easily accessible on forums regarding the usage of Thesis WordPress theme.



The page loading speed of thesis framework has been significantly improved in version 2.0.

Now, your blog posts and pages would load really fast, resulting in a better user experience and better search engine rankings.


Shortcomings of Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme

One of the major drawbacks of Thesis theme is the plugin use. Some WordPress plugins are not compatible with Thesis, and it would be quite disappointing to find that a plugin you have bought does not work with Thesis.Thesis theme may break the functionality of some plugins, and can cause some plugins to conflict with one another.

But to the defense of Thesis, this can happen with any theme. No theme can be 100% compatible with all the plugins available out there, and Thesis is no exception.

The interface of Thesis 2.0 can be a little confusing for its users because it has a lot of features. DIYThemes did not include any documentation with the launch of Thesis 2.0. Even though there is huge support from the team, this still has the potential of creating some issues for you as the user.


Buying Options for Thesis Theme

Buy Thesis Theme Now - Completely Risk Free With the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy Thesis Theme Now – Completely Risk Free With the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your budget is limited, the best option for purchasing the Thesis WordPress theme is the single website option. Also, if you are sure that you will only ever have 1 blog, then the single website option is again the best choice.

However, the best deal with the Thesis theme is the Developer Option. So what if it costs little more? It gives you the option to build an infinite number of sites using the Thesis theme.

And the best part is that you can also sell those sites, and include Thesis theme with it! You thus don’t need to jump for another single site license whenever you decide to build – and sell – a new blog or website.

You can use the following links to check out the features of the various packages offered for the Thesis theme (remember, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have absolutely no risk):


Thesis WordPress Theme Discount Code and Free Download

Unfortunately, a free download of the Thesis theme is not possible – at least not legitimately.

Also, being a very popular (and awesome) theme, Thesis is very rarely available at a discount.

However, please rest assured that even at the regular price, it is quite underpriced for the features it offers, and is easily a bargain!


Thesis Theme Review – Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme in Action

A lot of top bloggers and websites have the Thesis theme as their foundation. Here are some examples:


Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0 – My Recommendation

Thesis Theme Review Conclusion - Overall Great WordPress Theme

Thesis Theme Review Conclusion – Overall Great WordPress Theme

The Thesis WordPress Theme is a great theme, and without a doubt among the best theme frameworks available. It is also among the most popular one.

What I love most about Thesis is how flexible it is. I have seen it being used for websites ranging from single-column to three-column responsive sites. Its popularity means that there are tutorials for almost everything.

With that said, let me add that Thesis isn’t for everyone, and only you can decided if it is going to be good for your needs or not.

If you are looking for a premium WordPress Theme to power your blog with, then Thesis should be at the top of your list as there are very few themes out there that can match what Thesis brings to the table.

Thesis can be a bit too costly – especially for a developer’s license. But being able to use it on multiple sites and blogs should easily pay off in the long run in my opinion.

My final thoughts – Thesis is great, especially because it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so don’t hesitate – click here to try it now risk free!


Concluding Thoughts – Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0

Is the Thesis theme good enough for you to spend your money on when there are many other premium WordPress themes available?

Thesis WordPress Theme Review - Thesis Review Conclusion

Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis Review Conclusion

Thesis is beautiful, very easy to customize, and comes with features which would have been otherwise unheard of in other themes. It basically means – do more, code less.

Being search engine optimized is a huge victory for any blogger – more traffic, and also more of the right kind of traffic. People who want to find you will surely be able to find you with thesis.

Although the developers option has a hefty fee which is understandably a put off for many, the ability to use thesis on multiple sites & blogs is a fantastic opportunity.

Thesis provides a solid foundation, and is a customizable, flexible, yet straightforward and simple theme. It has a bounty of useful features and slap in the face benefits. It can therefore be of paramount use to anyone who is serious about blogging.

PS: Have I missed anything in this Thesis WordPress theme review? Would you like to add anything? Please feel free to leave your comments!

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