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WordPress Plugins: What They Are, Why They Are Needed and How To Install

If you have been using WordPress for some time, or if you are planning to start a blog and have done some research, you would know that one of the key strengths of WordPress is the plugin system and an almost infinite number of plugins available to you – both free and paid. Let us […]

How To Have A Static Page As The Homepage Of Your Blog

This is a questions I get asked very frequently: How can you have a static page as the home page of your blog instead of the standard listing of your latest posts? Well, doing this is really simple! Let’s see how it can be done.   Why would someone want a static page as the […]

WordPress Configuration & Setup After Fresh Installation

When you install WordPress, you can start using it right out-of-the box. But that does not mean you should start using it as is! There are some tweaks and some WordPress configuration required to make your blog search engine friendly and make it perform optimally. Don’t worry at all – this is all very simple […]

Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

  When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), interlinking of posts within your blog plays a big role in onsite SEO. Of course, it can be done manually while writing a blog post. But what if it can be automated? Wouldn’t it be great? And what if the anchor text of such links contains […]

What Web Hosting Plan Should You Select for a WordPress Blog?

  When you are starting a blog and are looking for a web hosting plan, there are many things that can confuse you. Yes, there are tons of options out there, and most of them help. However, if you are just starting out, you can go for the basics and send less. As and when […]

9 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For A Successful Blog

  As some of you know, I run 20+ blogs (here is some information on some of my other blogs). And while setting up and running all these blogs, I have realized that there are some WordPress plugins that are quite critical to the success of your blog. Here is a list of 9 WordPress […]

A free blog vs a self hosted blog – Which is better?

  You have decided to stat a blog. You have done your keyword research and analysis, and narrowed down on a niche for your blog. Now comes the important step of actually starting the blog! And that’s where you are confused – should you use the many free options to host and run your blog, […]

How to Deactivate a Plugin Without Logging into WordPress Admin Area

There are many occasions when you get locked out of your admin area. The solution to resolve this issue depends on the reason due to which this happened in the first lace. A very common reason for you being locked out of your admins area when you upgrade a plugin. You see that a plugin […]