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Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Integration

  When you are an avid blogger, your blog becomes the hub of your existence in the internet world. And an even more integral part of your online presence is social media. Thus, it is vital to integrate social media into your blog. To make your life easier as a WordPress blog administrator, you get […]

9 Ways to Attract International Audiences as a Blogger

Having a successful blog is no easy feat. There are millions of blogs out there on almost any topic you can think of. One way to stand out from the competition and increase your readership is to attract an international audience. Here are some steps to creating a blog with global appeal.     1. […]

How to get your blog indexed quickly by Google

  You put in a lot of hard work in Choosing the domain name Selecting the hosting provider & hosting plan Choosing the blogging platform (Image source)   You also spend hours on Selecting the theme Setting up various plugins (including SEO plugins) Writing blog posts and publishing them (with one keyword per post) Now […]

9 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For A Successful Blog

  As some of you know, I run 20+ blogs (here is some information on some of my other blogs). And while setting up and running all these blogs, I have realized that there are some WordPress plugins that are quite critical to the success of your blog. Here is a list of 9 WordPress […]

Facebook Fan Pages Timeline – Everything You Need to Know

As you would know, Facebook has rolled out a new version of Pages or Fan Pages – starting March 30, all Facebook Fan pages would be converted into the new “timeline” format. If you have been active on your personal Facebook profile, you would have seen this timeline view on the profiles of some of […]