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Free Blog Review –

Brian runs the blog, and has requested a free blog review. Let’s take a look at his blog that deals with mortgages in Illinois and Indiana, and see if it can be improved.   First Impressions You have a nice keyword-rich domain name. It also has a location based word (Chicago). This should definitely […]

Income report and traffic report for my blogs – April 2012

Here are the details of the traffic to my blogs and the income report for April 2012. I hope you would get some inspiration from the discussion of my numbers over the months! If you want to share your blog’s statistics, you are most welcome to do so in the comments.     Traffic Report […]

Income report and traffic report for my blogs – March 2012

      Here are the details of traffic to my blogs and the earnings report for them last month.     Some Changes… If you have been following my income report / earnings report, you would know that I have been reporting my traffic and earnings report for my 3 other blogs. I have […]

Steps involved in starting a blog – A quick list

  The question that I am asked very frequently is: What are the steps involved in setting up a blog or a website? Other versions of the same question are: How to blog, or how to start a blog. So here is a quick list of the steps involved. In the future, I plan to […]

My Other Blogs – The Companions in Our Journey

Apart from sharing blogging and WordPress tips, I would also be sharing the traffic and earnings details of some of my other blogs. Here is some background about these blogs.   “ – Search Engine Optimization for Blogs” was stated in April 2009. I was very regular with posting here till October 2009, after which […]