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9 Ways to Attract International Audiences as a Blogger

Having a successful blog is no easy feat. There are millions of blogs out there on almost any topic you can think of. One way to stand out from the competition and increase your readership is to attract an international audience. Here are some steps to creating a blog with global appeal.     1. […]

WordPress Theme – The Features to Look For When Choosing One

After choosing a domain name for your blog, and buying a web hosting plan, the most important thing that needs to be done is selecting the right WordPress theme for your blog. Yes, a theme determines the look of your blog. But if you think that’s all that it does, you are highly mistaken! Read […]

Review of Google Analytics – The factors to check for better SEO

“Why SEO” – this is a very basic question that gets asked very often. The answer is simple: We do search engine optimization to get more unpaid search traffic from various search engines like Google (also known as organic traffic). In short, better SEO = More traffic from search engines.   Measuring what we want […]

How to improve SEO by reducing your page load time

Page load time impacts the user experience Have you ever been to a blog or website, and felt frustrated because it took ages to load? This isn’t very unfamiliar, right? Such an experience can be really frustrating. And it is more than likely that you wouldn’t want to visit that blog again! This is a […]

How to get your blog indexed quickly by Google

  You put in a lot of hard work in Choosing the domain name Selecting the hosting provider & hosting plan Choosing the blogging platform (Image source)   You also spend hours on Selecting the theme Setting up various plugins (including SEO plugins) Writing blog posts and publishing them (with one keyword per post) Now […]

Leave comments: Get multiple backlinks, get traffic, build your brand

Backlinks from any and every blog or website would not help you in your SEO efforts. You need to get backlinks from quality sites in order to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). What can be better than getting links from other good quality blogs? Links from other quality blogs in your niche […]

How to reduce bounce rate on your blog and improve SEO

What is bounce rate? When a visitor comes to your blog or website, either on the homepage or on some post, and leaves without seeing any other webpage, it is called a “bounce“. In other words, a “bounce” is a visitor that leaves after seeing only one webpage on your blog or website. And the […]

Boost your SEO efforts – Have keywords in the link Anchor Text

  External links and internal links are very important from an SEO point of view. These links make Google and other search engine spiders visit your blog, and thus, help your blog get indexed. Apart from this, the links are treated as a vote of confidence from the linking blog or website, and your ranking […]