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Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin Review

SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin Review

You know that interlinking of blog posts is essential for good SEO.

This can be done in many ways – through sidebar widgets, “related posts” plugins, list of best or most popular posts, etc.

In fact, in “7 ways to implement internal linking of your posts for better SEO“, we saw that one of the best ways to achieve internal linking of posts was by linking to another post from within the text of the post.


This can be time consuming…

Internal linking of posts from within a post can be done manually, but imagine the time and effort it would require!

You would need to create each link manually while writing or updating the post. Plus, you would need to remember that there is a post that is relevant to the post you are writing.

All this might not always be possible. Even if it is, wouldn’t it be better if this could be fully automated?


SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin Admin Panel and Settings

SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin Admin Panel and Settings

SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin

The plugin “SEO Smart Links” is your answer! It can completely automate internal link building for your blog.

You simply define a list of keywords and the corresponding URLs. Whenever your post has one of these defined keywords, it would be automatically be linked to the URL specified by you!

It can’t get simpler than that, right?


But there is more…

Not just this, you can also link your keywords to pages, categories and tags as well. You can also define which links should be dofollow and which ones should be nofollow.

You also get control over the number of links – you can limit the number of links from a post, and you can also limit the number of links to a particular target URL from a post!

All these settings can be easily viewed and changed from the plugin settings page.


How to get SEO Smart Links plugin


The real power of SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real power of the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin lies in its paid version, which is a BIG step up from the free version.


SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin for SEO

SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin for SEO


Here are some of the additional features in the paid version:

  • Includes nit just internal links, but also affiliate links, redirection and advanced options like cloaking of affiliate links
  • Visual editor for defining keywords and destination URLs
  • More control over the number of links created
  • Ability to override the global settings at individual post level
  • Customization of the look and feel of links
  • Ability to define domains to which links would always be dofollow (nofollow whitelist)
  • Ability to export and import plugin configuration
  • Statistics and reports about the links generated, clicks achieved, and more
  • Free updates
  • Many, many more…

You can check out all its features by clicking here.

Remember, the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin’s paid version is being used by more than 300,000 blogs, so it is definitely worth a look!

The plugin is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can always ask for a refund if you feel it is not right for you.

So take action – check out the SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin now!


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