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The Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

The Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

 As a small business looking to improve online presence, adding a shop is often high on the list of priorities.With the powerful adaptability of WordPress, it is easy to find a number of plugins that are designed to help you get … [Continue reading]

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Integration

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media / Social Network Integration With your Blog

 When you are an avid blogger, your blog becomes the hub of your existence in the internet world. And an even more integral part of your online presence is social media.Thus, it is vital to integrate social media into your blog. To … [Continue reading]

Joomla vs WordPress for Beginners: Features, SEO & More

Joomla vs WordPress for Beginners - Features SEO and More

 Joomla and WordPress, the two most popular content management systems (CMS) out there, are going head to head in an epic battle.WordPress is the best blogging platform out there, and offers great features for content management. … [Continue reading]

How To Move – to & Self-Hosting

How To Move From to and Self-Hosting

 Using a free account is a fabulous way for you to get into blogging since WordPress can be of great benefit to any new or inexperienced blogger.A free blog provides a great platform to you to get … [Continue reading]

Elegant Themes Review – Main Features, Benefits & Discounts

Elegant Themes - Premium WordPress Themes

 Having the right WordPress theme is crucial to your blog's success. Giving your visitors the best first impression is important in retaining visitors on your blog longer, and trying to discourage them from hitting the back button.It … [Continue reading]

Income Report and Traffic Report for My Blogs – December 2012

Traffic and earnings report of my blogs - January 2013

 Here are the details of the traffic to my blogs and the income report for December 2012.I hope you would get some inspiration from the discussion of my numbers over the months!If you want to share your blog's statistics, you are … [Continue reading]

SEO in the Post-Panda and Post-Penguin World – Doing SEO The Right Way

SEO After Google Panda and Google Penguin

 Low quality websites have been hanging around on the internet for many years. Most of these sites only contain low quality articles.In fact, some of these sites ad blogs are just there so as to make money through advertisements. And … [Continue reading]

Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0

Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0

 Some years ago, Chris Pearson launched the Thesis WordPress Theme, and it took off right from the bat.The thesis theme already has the potential and capability to surpass many of the other WordPress themes.As we all know, … [Continue reading]