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Income Report and Traffic Report for My Blogs – December 2012

Traffic and earnings report of my blogs - December 2012

Traffic and earnings report of my blogs – December 2012


Here are the details of the traffic to my blogs and the income report for December 2012.

I hope you would get some inspiration from the discussion of my numbers over the months!

If you want to share your blog’s statistics, you are most welcome to do so in the comments.



Traffic Report

WebsiteMonthVisitorsVisitsPageviewsPosts Published


Income Report

The combined earnings from these 3 blogs for the last month was:


The revenue was earned from Google AdSense ads and affiliate commissions.


Detailed Income Report

The income for my blogs had been increasing slowly but steadily, but has lately seen some fluctuations. However, the earning from each blog is still quite low to provide a blog-wise break up for the income report.

When the combined earning from these three blogs achieves a respectable amount (which I now plan to attain by December 2013 – so stay tuned and keep visiting!), I would start providing a detailed earnings breakup in my income report for each blog.


Analysis of the Current Month


Taking a Hit with Double Trouble: Personal Reasons & Google Updates

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have seen that I had not posted regularly for the last 3-4 months. This was due to some personal reasons, wherein I would not focus enough on my blogs.

It was combined with one of the most turbulent times on the internet – we saw many algorithm updates by Google, including the exact match domain (EMD) update, incremental penguin updates, etc.

This was certainly one of the toughest time for the search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging communities.

And due to these two factors combined, I was hit hard. As you can see, all my blogs have seen a significant reduction in traffic, and a significant reduction in their earnings.

But I am back, and I have learned my lesson. The details follow.


Content Creation

Compared to last few months when I was posting next to nothing, and a few months before that when I was “planning” to post a lot using my oDesk staff, this month I have actually done something!

In December 2012, I have published 22 blog posts across my 3 blogs (the average used to be a total of 5-6 posts)! Yeah, you read that right!

This includes 9 posts on this blog, 11 posts on my New York blog, and 2 posts on my Cruise blog (which is a little less of a focus right now).

In the past, I have seen a lag of 1.5 – 2 months between content creation and its impact. So I am hoping that this enthusiastic, original content creation would show very positive impacts on the traffic and earnings in February 2013 or March 2013.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Traffic Report

December 2012 has been quite a bad month in terms of visitor traffic – the traffic to all my blogs has been dismal, although it has been slightly higher than November 2012.

The NY blog has had seen good growth in visitor traffic for many months in mid-2012, but now its visitors have decreased significantly.

The traffic to the Cruise blog has also stayed stagnant in December 2012. However, this can be expected since I hardly posted anything on this blog for the past few months. I have not posted much here in Dec 2012 as well, so I don’t expect any miracles here going forward as well.

The traffic to this blog too has increased slightly over Nov 2012, but is way below what it used to be in mid-2012.

This dismal performance shows that Google’s algorithm updates and my low blog posting frequency has taken a heavy toll on the numbers.


Income Report

The income report follows the pattern shown by the traffic report. My income from these 3 blogs has increased slightly in Dec 2012 when compared to Nov 2012, but is quite low compared to the income achieved in mid-2012.

The income report has shown some swings lately, and I expect the income to grow with the traffic in the first quarter of 2013.


Plan for the Next Month

In January 2013, I want to continue the good frequency of posting on my blogs – I am targeting 9 – 10 posts on this blog as well as the NY blog. I expect to publish 2-3 new blog posts on my Cruising blog.

I have learned my lesson, and now that I have started to post more frequently, I want to maintain this higher posting frequency.

To help me with my blog posts, I have outsourced some of the content creation through oDesk. I am very happy with the results I am getting from my oDesk employees, and would certainly be continuing to outsource through it.


Get Details of My Blogs

If you are interested in knowing more about the three blogs for which I publish the monthly traffic and income report, please check out “My Other Blogs – The Companions in Our Journey“.

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