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Income report and traffic report for my blogs – March 2012

Traffic and income report of my blogs - March 2012

Traffic and income report of my blogs - March 2012




Here are the details of traffic to my blogs and the earnings report for them last month.



Some Changes…

If you have been following my income report / earnings report, you would know that I have been reporting my traffic and earnings report for my 3 other blogs. I have not been sharing the traffic / income report for this blog.

This is going to change from this report for March 2012. I have 2 announcements to make regarding this.


Closing a Blog

I have decided to shut down one of my blogs – It is one of my older blogs (from 2009), and this decision was definitely not easy. However, I am not that unhappy because I am moving the blog here!

Yes, that’s right. I felt that there was a overlap between the SEO blog and this blog, and it did not make sense to continue running both. (If you see my last few income reports, you would see that I had almost stopped publishing there for the last few months!)

This broader blog about blogging and WordPress – The WordPress How To Blog – would extensively cover SEO as a part of the Get Traffic / More Visitors / Increase Readership category, so I am moving all the content from the SEO blog to this blog! The plus side for you is that now, you won’t have to visit 2 blogs!

(PS: If you want to know how to do that in a search engine / SEO friendly way, let me know through your comments and I would write a post about it)


Changing the Income Report / Earnings Report

So far, I had been including the traffic and income details of my SEO blog in my income reports. Now that I am closing that blog, the details from the SEO blog won’t be included in mt traffic and income reports.

However, I am more than making up for this – from this report (March 2012) onwards, I would share the traffic and earnings report for this blog as well!

So without taking more of your time, let’s jump to the actual traffic report and earnings report.


Traffic Report

WebsiteMonthVisitorsVisitsPageviewsPosts Published


Income Report

The combined earnings from these 3 blogs for the last month was:


The revenue was earned from Google AdSense ads and affiliate commissions.


Detailed Income Report

We are still on the low income stage for these blogs – the earnings from each blog are currently quite low to provide a blog-wise break up for the income report. When the combined earning from these three blogs achieves a respectable amount (which I aim to achieve by Dec 2012), I would also provide an earnings breakup in my income report for each blog.


Analysis of the current month

In a very good trend reversal, I was ale to produce a LOT of content in March 2012! The cruise blog saw only 2 posts, but the other 2 blogs have seen a lot of action!

I could publish 7 posts on my New York blog against a target of 5 posts. Also, I have been VERY active on this blog, publishing 13 posts in March 2012. If you consider that many of the posts are more than 1500 words in length, you would know that I have been working quite hard in March!

And this seems to be paying off… March 2012 has shown good growth – both in visitor traffic and in the income report.

The traffic to the New York blog has again doubled with a much higher base – and this has been going on for a couple of months now. You would see its impact when we discuss the income report!

The traffic to the Cruise blog has increased by about 10%, and the traffic this blog has more than tripled!

The income has seen a fabulous increase in March 2012 – if you compare the income report with the income report from last month, you can see that the total earnings have increased by more than 200%! The income has been increasing for a few months now, so this positive trend is continuing.

Just like last month, the New York blog is attracting many new visitors due to its high quality articles, and the income report is reflecting this. The affiliate income from this blog is also increasing with the increase in the traffic.

This blog also focuses on in-depth, easy-to-understand articles, and I expect this blog to follow the NY blog in the next 2-3 months.


Plan for the next month

In April 2012, I hope to maintain the speed of publishing posts. If possible, I would publish even more on the NY blog.

I have outsourced some of the content creation for the New York and the Cruise blogs through oDesk, so I should be able to utilize that content to speed up my posting.


Get details of these blogs

If you are interested in knowing more about the three blogs for which I publish the monthly traffic and income report, please check out “My Other Blogs – The Companions in Our Journey“.


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