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How to choose the right keywords for ranking high in search engine results

How to Choose the Right Keywords - Keyword Research

How to Choose the Right Keywords - Keyword Research


Why do you take up SEO for your blog? To attract visitors to your blog through search engines.

And how do you attract these people? You do that by optimizing your posts or pages for particular words that are relevant for your topic.



What are Keywords?

These words that represent the topic you write about – and for which you want to attract visitors to your blog are called Keywords.


Importance of choosing the right keywords

It is really important to choose the right keywords for your blog’s SEO efforts. After all, these are the words that people would be coming to your blog for.

So, what should be considered while doing keyword research?


1. Relevance

The words have to be relevant to the topic that you write about. This is a must – search engines don’t just look at individual words, but also at the overall topic of the blog.

If the keywords do not match the topic, you would never rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs) for these keywords.


2. Competition

There are some generic keywords for which there are many, many searches conducted. This means that there is very high interest in topics related to such keywords.

For example, there are approximately 4.1 million searches conducted for the keyword “SEO”.

This also means that many people want to draw traffic for these keywords, and therefore, there is very heave competition for optimizing blogs and websites for these keywords!

So, try to look for keywords that do not have too much competition when it comes to optimization – which means that as keywords, you should use keywords for which there is moderate (not too low, but not too high either) amount of traffic.

Tip: A great tool to find demand for different keywords is Google’s “Keyword Tool”. This tool tells you demand for the keywords that you enter – and you get to know this information from the horse’s mouth!

This tool can be found at


3. Long tail

Try to look for multiple words as keywords. For example, try to optimize for “earning online through blogs” instead of “earning online”.

This way, you would be targeting keywords that have less competition (the point we discussed above). At the same time, you would be targeting people who are interested in your specific topic instead of a more general topic.

(After all, if you are writing about earning online using blogs, what is the point in trying to attract visitors looking for earning online using all possible means?)


4. Include geographic indicators

Another factor to consider while choosing your keywords is geographic indicators – this can be the name of a country, state or even a city.

This is very effective if you are targeting people from a specific region. For example, if you are a WordPress consultant in New York, it makes sense to target “WordPress blogging new york” instead of just “WordPress blogging”.

It also has the same effect as discussed above – you target keywords are less competitive, and you target people who are more relevant to you.



Keep these factors in mind while choosing your keywords, and start building great content for your journey towards a perfectly optimized blog!


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