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Great content for great SEO – Common goal for search engines and you


Great Content for Great SEO

Great Content for Great SEO

Why were search engines invented?

There is loads and loads of data on the internet. There are millions of websites and blogs containing a lot of information.

Some of this information is very good, some is average, and most is simply bad. How does an internet user reach the information that is really good?

Enter search engines like Google! A search engine spiders and indexes the entire internet (at least, it tries to!), and classifies the information as good, average or bad for various keywords.

Their primary aim is to provide the best and most relevant information to the search engine user.


What is the goal of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts?

Well, it is obvious: Using SEO on your blog, you want to attract more traffic to it. More visitors result into more dedicated readers, and it means more revenue, or more visibility, or more of whatever you are trying to achieve through your blog!

And through SEO, you want to make your blog more attractive to the search engines.


Congruence of the goals

What can make your blog most attractive to a search engine like Google? Helping them meet their primary objective of providing best content!

Search engines are primarily looking for good and relevant content, and the best way to become attractive to a search engine’s eye (and therefore, to rank higher) is to provide great content!

Isn’t it simple enough – A search engine is looking for the best content, and you provide the best content. Therefore, you are at the top in the search engine results page (SERP).

The bottom-line: SEO can not be a substitute for good content. Great SEO starts with great content.

A point to ponder: As a blog author, shouldn’t “providing the best content” be your primary goal too?

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