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Get Traffic To Your Blog

In this category, you would find posts about attracting traffic to your blog, getting more visitors and increasing your readership.
The strategies discussed here are equally useful to new and experienced bloggers – new bloggers would be able to start getting people to their blogs, and established bloggers would be able to increase their traffic following these tips!
Here, you would also find numerous posts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Boost your SEO efforts – Have keywords in the link Anchor Text

  External links and internal links are very important from an SEO point of view. These links make Google and other search engine spiders visit your blog, and thus, help your blog get indexed. Apart from this, the links are treated as a vote of confidence from the linking blog or website, and your ranking […]

Review of WordPress (WP) Plugin – SEO Title Tag

It is very important to have your keyword in the “title” tag of your pages. This is one element the search engine spiders pay most attention to in you blog post. (Read all about this in “Keywords in the title tag – a must for good SEO“)   SEO Title Tag Plugin for WordPress (WP) […]

Keywords in the title meta tag – a must for good SEO

  It is important to have the right proportion of keywords in your post text, but there are many other places where the keywords should be present for a well optimized post. One such place is the post’s Title meta tag.     What is the “title” meta tag? A meta tag is an HTML […]

Keyword stuffing – How much is too much?

Having the right keyword density is very important for successful SEO. The optimal keyword density is between 1% and 3%. This density gives the best visibility to your keywords in the post in the eyes of the search engines, and thus gives you the best ranking in the search engine results page (SERPs). You should […]

Keyword density – What is right, what is wrong

  You have selected your keywords, and you know that it is best to write one post per keyword for better SEO. And now you want to finally start writing your posts!   What is keyword density? The question that you face is – how to incorporate the keyword? This is where keyword density comes […]

7 Ways to Implement Internal Linking of Your Posts for Better SEO

Links are very important from SEO point of view – this includes both external links and internal links. Of the two, internal links are far easier to implement, as you have total control over them. The question is: How should you implement your internal linking strategy for getting best SEO results? Here are some ways. […]

Improve SEO of your blog by linking blog posts internally

Modern search engines like Google give a lot of importance to links. This is because Google treats a link as a vote of confidence for your content – something is linked to only because it is worth linking to! Therefore, more the links, better is the treatment of your blog by Google in its search […]

Backlinks – The fastest way to good SEO

You must have heard the word “backlinks” a lot. What are they? It is a fancy word, but the meaning is simple. The links that you get from other blogs or websites are called Backlinks.     Importance of Backlinks And why are backlinks so important in your SEO efforts?   Getting indexed If your […]