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Elegant Themes Review – Main Features, Benefits & Discounts


Elegant Themes - Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes – Premium WordPress Themes

Having the right WordPress theme is crucial to your blog’s success. Giving your visitors the best first impression is important in retaining visitors on your blog longer, and trying to discourage them from hitting the back button.

It is vital to have a nice design, which is unique, seems professional, and evokes your passion. Also, it needs to impress visitors and convey a sense of awe.

Another important thing is the cost – the theme must be cost effective. And all these qualities are provided by Elegant Themes.

The Elegant themes have been made by an experienced theme developer, Nick Roach, who began web design back in the 7th grade. These themes are simple, fresh and elegant, with twangs of style, creativity and freshness.

The elegant themes are some of the best WordPress theme available in the market, being innovative, modern, and great for the users.


Elegant Themes Review – Features and Benefits


Many Premium Themes for One Price

You have a multitude of great themes to choose from – the Elegant themes package gives a choice of over 80 fabulous premium theme choices, great for personal and professional blogs alike.

Also, you get regular updates for the themes, and also get 2 new themes every month.


Elegant Themes Review – ePanel Feature

Let’s talk about the thing that makes Elegant themes so unique and innovative – ePanel.

ePanel for Elegant WordPress Themes

ePanel for Elegant WordPress Themes

The ePanel system is available on all the elegant themes, and varies to accommodate various special features of different themes.

It comes with every theme by default and with good reason. The process of managing your pages becomes much more simple and intuitive than the way WordPress handles the same functions, which makes the ePanel so great.

Elegant themes also enable you to easily add a favicon and change the color scheme of your blog.

You can customize the number of posts that are displayed on your blog pages, and quickly include or exclude categories displayed on your homepage.



Elegant themes allow great flexibility with sliders, meta data, and custom links and tabs as well. Designs are also super responsive, with unlimited color schemes, and cross browser compatibility.

However, they do not offer much potential with the advertising on your site, and have limited built in options. But this is something that can be easily remedied by using one of the many advertising WordPress plugins available.



The color options allow you to include a child theme stylesheet. The themes even supply a color picker so you don’t have to hunt on the web for the right hex code, which is really handy!


Short Codes

Built-In Short Codes in Elegant Themes

Built-In Short Codes in Elegant Themes

Elegant WordPress themes come with a lot of useful short codes, including various colored boxes for plenty of inputs.

Some codes even have icons, and there is a code which makes adding an author bio easier than pie.

These short codes are nearly plugins themselves, ensuring you will not have to deal with the code at all – using these, things like social media integration and slideshows become as simple to implement as clicking on a button.


Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Elegant themes provide in built capabilities to alter the search engine optimization of your blog posts and pages.

This can be done right from your WordPress admin area without affecting any code.


Unparalleled Customer Support

The customer support for the elegant themes is top notch. You are offered forums and great video tutorials, helping you with everything to get started with the themes.


Google Analytics & Other Tracking Code

Elegant themes help you easily add in Google Analytic code or any other tracking code without actually having to look at or editing the code.


Incredible Plugins

Lots of Free Plugins Come With Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Theme

Lots of Free Plugins Come With Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Theme

The plugins are extended features of the elegant themes, and include the HandHeld mobile plugin which is crucial as it allows users to access your blog from any mobile device.

The Elegant page builder helps to easily create and modify pages, and customize layouts and individual posts.

The maintenance mode plugin helps in maintenance of your blog, being a useful feature if you are ever required to take down your blog temporarily.

These built-in plugins help you do more with your blog, and show how Elegant themes can make managing your blog easier.


Elegant Themes Review – Conclusion About Features

All in all, considering the awesome quality of most Elegant themes as well as the unbeatable price, it is truly spectacular for those with personal and business blogs.

With modern, streamlined themes like Origin, Harmony, Trim, Gleam, Lucid, Flexible, among many others, they provide scintillating design and versatility while being responsive in design.

The page templates are extremely advanced, and have enhanced customization options.


Elegant Themes – Buying Options

The elegant themes package costs only $39, and gives you 80 themes to choose from. Sounds like a great deal, and it is – each theme costs you a meager $0.49!

Buy Elegant Themes Now - Its a Great Deal

Buy Elegant Themes Now – Its a Great Deal

And with 24 new themes in the first year, you get over 100 themes at a little over 39 cents per theme! That is what makes the Elegant theme so great – you get awesome themes so cheaply.

Because of the large number of themes that can be rotated for adding variety to a blog, Elegant themes is the best choice for personal or business blogs. It is especially great for you if you have multiple blogs, as you get a new theme for every site.


Elegant Themes Discount Code, Free Download and Free Trial

I know this is not something you want to hear, but a free download of any of the Elegant themes is not possible – at least not legally.

Also, Elegant themes are rarely available at a discount.

However, you can be sure that even at the regular price, Elegant themes are quite underpriced for the features they offer, and are a bargain at just $0.39 per theme!


Review of Elegant Themes – My Recommendation

The various themes – each with a specific purpose – make the Elegant themes package really great.

With 80+ themes available instantly, and 24 more during the first year, it shouldn’t be much of a struggle to find what you are after – so take a look around for yourself and see if Elegant Themes is a match for you.

If you only need one theme, then it is probably a little over board – unless you like to change the look and feel of your blog often. But for people needing to build multiple blogs, Elegant themes are a perfect choice – they should look no further.


Elegant Themes Review – Conclusion

Get Elegant Themes Now - Premium WordPress Themes at the Lowest Price

Get Elegant Themes Now – Premium WordPress Themes at the Lowest Price

Elegant Themes is one of the best deals on premium WordPress themes, as no other WordPress theme package has so many themes at such a low price.

But Elegant themes is likely to increase the price soon, and this is the best time for you to jump on the elegant themes’ band wagon.

The high quality themes with awesome design and great versatility come with an immense array of customization options, which give you the power to completely personalize your blog.

If you are serious about finding the best looking & performing premium WordPress theme, then look no further because Elegant themes is the one that fits the bill hands down!

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