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Blogging Anonymously – Should You or Should You Not?


Hiding Your Identity - Blogging Anonymously or Using a Pseudonym

Hiding Your Identity – Blogging Anonymously or Using a Pseudonym

If you are thinking of starting a blog, you might have thought about this: should you use your real name while blogging, or should you blog anonymously?

Even if you already have a blog, I am sure you would have considered this while starting your blog.

Well, there are pros and cons of blogging anonymously. Let’s take a look!


Advantages of Blogging Anonymously

There are number of reasons that support the idea of blogging anonymously.

One of the most important aspects of blogging is that a blog gives you the freedom of voice. It gives you a connection to the real world, where expression of thoughts is limitless.

When we talk about real freedom of expression, there comes a need for a Pseudonym (using fake name) or blogging anonymously. You obviously don’t want to reveal yourself or attach your real name to your blog when you talk about something that is secret, taboo, personal or controversial.

Advantages of Having an Anonymous Blog

Advantages of Having an Anonymous Blog

Blogging anonymously gives you a chance of being honest and open. You’ll probably express your ideas more openly about anything (like sex, relationships, dates, religion, workplace, bosses, etc) that you can’t express in your real life easily.

You can even discuss the things that are against your professional life, friends or family. For example, you may give deeper and unbiased pros and cons of your profession. Therefore, blogging anonymously gives you more breathing space when things you talk about are tricky, because your blog is not directly associated with your personal identity.

You are not representative of what you are writing, so there is no tension of being disliked, disagreed, and being questioned. You are not personally accountable for any comments you post.

You are not directly hit by visitors and their opinions. It is a complete separation of your individual personal and professional life, and you personality as a blogger.

Another important reason why you may choose to blog anonymously is if your employer doesn’t allow you to work on anything other than your job.

Some companies might consider blogging a profitable endeavor (which can be true), and may not like you blogging for that reason. In such cases, you may choose to blog anonymously.


Disadvantages of Blogging Anonymously

On the other hand, there are also a number of reasons for not blogging anonymously.

The first and the most problematic thing is that you start living a virtual life that is different from your real life.

You have to keep your blogging identity (pseudonym) separate from your real identity. You can’t share your blog with your friends or family for the sake of anonymity, which eventually leads you far away from your real friends and family.

It is also hard to get readers or followers without having a real face behind the blog. You have to struggle harder to get initial traffic for your blog.

Secondly, you are completely separated from your personal life. You have to stick to the pseudonym in any and all circumstances.

Your pseudonym and its characteristics always need to be in your mind, and you must ensure your anonymity for every piece of information that you reveal in your blog posts.

Hiding / keeping yourself behind the wall is very very difficult in today’s dynamic world of communication and social media. In the age of interconnected societies, it is very hard to keep anonymity, and there is always a chance to get caught or uncovered.

Chance of Getting Identified While Blogging Anonymously

Chance of Getting Identified While Blogging Anonymously

People with very little technical skills can find out who is behind the blog if you are not cautious. For example, if you are not careful, someone can find your identity (name, address and phone number) just from your domain registration data!

Even many successfully anonymous bloggers have revealed their identities recently. Only technically experienced people are recommended to attempt to blog anonymously.

You should always keep in mind the aspect of being exposed if you select to blog anonymously.


To Blog Anonymously or Not?

Using a pseudonym or blogging anonymously has advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

In my personal view, anonymity is a good tool while blogging even if it has some disadvantages. Its benefits are far more than its drawbacks.

Despite the possibility of being discovered or a chance of losing anonymity, blogging anonymously supports the main reasons of blogging – true openness of ideas without any pressure or fear from anyone.

You can’t reveal ideas from the depth of your mind when you have to constantly think about what people would think of you.


Tips and Things to Keep in Mind While Blogging Anonymously

The main idea behind blogging anonymously should not only be saving or hiding your identity, but also the readers.

You should not address or target a particular person in your posts just because your identity is not known. Do express what you want in general prospect, though.

Your comments or blogs posts should not hurt or target the feelings of specific groups of people. If you have to criticize, do so using a generalized approach.

Always post in a positive way, just to disclose what you think about a particular subject or matter under discussion, and request others to post their ideas in favor of or against your views / ideas.

Good luck for blogging anonymously!

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