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Backlinks – The fastest way to good SEO

Backlinks for Good Search Engine Optimization SEO

Backlinks for Good Search Engine Optimization SEO

You must have heard the word “backlinks” a lot. What are they?

It is a fancy word, but the meaning is simple.

The links that you get from other blogs or websites are called Backlinks.



Importance of Backlinks

And why are backlinks so important in your SEO efforts?


Getting indexed

If your blog is new, your first priority is getting indexed by search engines like Google – this needs to happen before any SEO!

When you have links form other blogs or websites, it is like a doorway to your blog for the Google spider (or crawler). When Google indexes these other blogs, its spider would find the link to your blog, would follow it, and then index your blog as well.

So, backlinks provide pathway to your blog for the search engine spiders. Backlinks would help get your blog indexed faster.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Modern search engines give a lot of importance to backlinks – at times, even more than the content of your blog!

This is because Google treats a backlink as a vote of confidence for your blog – another blog or website would link to you only if it finds your content good.

In any contest involving voting, who wins? The one getting the maximum votes!

It is the same with backlinks – more the backlinks, better is the treatment of your blog by Google! This means that your blog would get much higher rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).



Of all the offsite SEO factors, Google gives the maximum importance to backlinks. Therefore, try to get as many backlinks to your blog as possible – the more, the better.

Your blog would get indexed faster by Google and other search engines, and it would enjoy higher rankings in the SERPs.

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