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WordPress Configuration & Setup After Fresh Installation

WordPress Setup and WordPress Configuration After Installation

When you install WordPress, you can start using it right out-of-the box. But that does not mean you should start using it as is! There are some tweaks and some WordPress configuration required to make your blog search engine friendly and make it perform optimally. Don’t worry at all – this is all very simple [...]

Great content for great SEO – Common goal for search engines and you

Great Content for Great SEO

  Why were search engines invented? There is loads and loads of data on the internet. There are millions of websites and blogs containing a lot of information. Some of this information is very good, some is average, and most is simply bad. How does an internet user reach the information that is really good? [...]

What is Onsite and Offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Onsite or On Page and Offsite Search Engine Optimization SEO

  We keep hearing about onsite (or on-page) SEO and offsite SEO. What do these terms mean? How are they different? Are they important? Let’s understand each of these terms, and why they are vital for your blog’s success.     What is Onsite SEO? Onsite SEO is the process of tweaking or doing things [...]

Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 - WordPress Plugin

  When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), interlinking of posts within your blog plays a big role in onsite SEO. Of course, it can be done manually while writing a blog post. But what if it can be automated? Wouldn’t it be great? And what if the anchor text of such links contains [...]