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Blogging Basics and Tools

In this section, you would find articles that deal with the basics of blogging and WordPress. It has lots of tips and tricks, and numerous “how to” guides to solve all your blogging and WordPress related issues.
If you are just starting out your blog, this is the category you should be looking at. Even if you are an experienced blogger, I am sure you would find many great tips here!


9 Ways to Attract International Audiences as a Blogger

Having a successful blog is no easy feat. There are millions of blogs out there on almost any topic you can think of. One way to stand out from the competition and increase your readership is to attract an international audience. Here are some steps to creating a blog with global appeal.     1. […]

WordPress Theme – The Features to Look For When Choosing One

After choosing a domain name for your blog, and buying a web hosting plan, the most important thing that needs to be done is selecting the right WordPress theme for your blog. Yes, a theme determines the look of your blog. But if you think that’s all that it does, you are highly mistaken! Read […]

Review of Google Analytics – The factors to check for better SEO

“Why SEO” – this is a very basic question that gets asked very often. The answer is simple: We do search engine optimization to get more unpaid search traffic from various search engines like Google (also known as organic traffic). In short, better SEO = More traffic from search engines.   Measuring what we want […]

7 Ways to Implement Internal Linking of Your Posts for Better SEO

Links are very important from SEO point of view – this includes both external links and internal links. Of the two, internal links are far easier to implement, as you have total control over them. The question is: How should you implement your internal linking strategy for getting best SEO results? Here are some ways. […]

Hostgator Review – Best Web Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Blog

When you decide to start your own blog and decide against a free blogging service, you have to take care of two very important things: selecting a domain name for your blog and choosing the web hosting provider for your blog. Many people think that choosing a hosting service provider is as simple as looking […]

WordPress Plugins: What They Are, Why They Are Needed and How To Install

If you have been using WordPress for some time, or if you are planning to start a blog and have done some research, you would know that one of the key strengths of WordPress is the plugin system and an almost infinite number of plugins available to you – both free and paid. Let us […]

Your blog on Google front page in 30 days – Is it even possible?

All of us want to be on the first page of search engine results for our keywords – Google, Yahoo, Bing – any search engine. And you can be there if you have the will and are persistent. But there are certain things that are possible, and certain things that are not. Let’s find out! […]